3 Taverns Single IntentSingle Intent

A Belgian-Style Single

Single Intent pays tribute to Belgium’s Trappist breweries, which make a lighter-bodied blonde ale that’s set apart for the monks’ personal consumption and not sold—hence the term Patersbier, meaning “father’s beer.” With a spicy, herbal aroma from French Strisselspalt hops, this crisp and complex ale is too good to keep cloistered.

ABV: 5% | Bitterness: 35 IBUs
Glassware recommendation: Abbey Goblet

Winner of Bronze for “Best Overall Beer”
- Hotoberfest 2013
Nationally named “One of the Best New Beers of 2013″
First We Feast

3 Taverns - Night in BrusselsA Night in Brussels IPA

A Belgian-Style American IPA

A Night in Brussels is a Belgian-style American IPA with malts from Belgium, a blend of American hops, pure cane sugar in the best southern tradition, and an authentic Belgian yeast strain. A pleasing marriage of old- and new-world beer cultures, this unique ale is best understood as an American IPA on a Belgian road trip.

ABV: 7.5% | Bitterness: 69 IBUs
Glassware recommendation: Abbey Goblet

WH_BottleGlass_200x287White Hops

A Belgian-style White IPA

White Hops is a nod to Georgia’s forgotten brewing history, taking its name from a mysterious and controversial Atlanta malt beverage sold in 1898. No one knows what the original tasted like, so we used and our imaginations and a Belgian yeast strain to concoct a white IPA, brewed with wheat malt, Citra hops, spices and grapefruit peel. Aromatic and intense, this ale is for hop enthusiasts looking to surpass the ordinary.

ABV: 6.5% | Bitterness: 55 IBUs
Glassware recommendation: Abbey Goblet




A Belgian-Style Quadrupel

Quasimodo is inspired by the best of Belgium, specifically the brothers of the cloth devoted to the brewing arts. A classic, full-bodied quadrupel ale–for us, it is the measure of brewing perfection. Dark, savory and fruity, yet with a dry, bittersweet finish enhanced with traditional Belgian dark candy sugar, Quasimodo is dangerously drinkable. Re-fermented in the bottle and naturally carbonated, it can ring your bells now…or years from now.

ABV: 10% | Bitterness: 30 IBUs
Glassware recommendation: 14 oz. Abbey Goblet

Availability: Spring/Summer

Three Taverns - Theophan The RecluseTheophan The Recluse

A Belgian-Style Russian Imperial Stout

Theophan the Recluse was a Russian monk known for the spiritual depth and complexity of his writings. We consider him a perfect namesake for this rich, complex imperial stout, brewed with eight specialty malts, dark Muscovado sugar and a Belgian yeast strain. Deep, mysterious, full-bodied and indefinably exotic, Theophan the Recluse is meant to transport drinkers to a place of deep contemplation, mystical insight and inspired conversation.

ABV: 9% | Bitterness: 60 IBUs
Glassware recommendation: 14 oz. Abbey Goblet

Availability: Fall/Winter

Feest Noel

A Belgian-Style Strong Dark Ale with Christmas Spice

Merriment is a hallmark of the holiday season, seasoning our greetings and our gatherings. Feest Noel is merriment in a glass- a spiced Christmas ale meant to evoke joy and mystery. This Belgian-style strong dark uses dark roasted malts, imported Belgian dark candy sugar, and spiced accents of cardamom, allspice and cloves.

ABV: 9% | Bitterness: 30 IBUs
Glassware recommendation: 14 oz. Abbey Goblet

Availability: Winter


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